Because we make everything in-house, fresh from scratch, we can accommodate most allergies.  Just let us know about your allergy at the window & we'll take every precaution to ensure a safe experience.

We have lactose free ice cream.  We can tell you every ingredient in every batch of ice cream, because we made it from scratch using all real ingredients.  We can tell you if we've had peanuts in our ice cream machine, & if we have, we can tell you how long ago they were in the machine & how many times it was sanitized before we made the batch of ice cream we are serving you.  Not only can we provide you all of this information, but we also take precaution when making our ice cream, fresh food, & smoothies to prevent cross contamination with allergens.  

We make our fresh fruit smoothies from scratch, using only real ingredients, so we can accommodate any allergy you may have.  

We make our veggie burgers from scratch (which are vegan!) & we can tell you every ingredient in the burger & everything it has touched.  We make our dressings, condiments, & all of our menu items from scratch too.  Our fries are not breaded, & we don't drop anything breaded in the french fry fryer.  We keep our shellfish separate from our other menu items, & can easily cook your food on separate sterile surfaces.  

Put simply, if you have food allergies & you are on Long Beach Island, we are the place to go.  We may not be able to accommodate every situation, but we can accommodate more than most & we are happy to work with you to ensure an enjoyable, safe dining experience.  

Just let us know about your allergy at the order window & we'll take every precaution to ensure a safe & enjoyable experience.