Behind the Scenes: Volume 1

Instead of telling you how fresh our food is at The WooHoo, we want to show you. This brings us to our new series, "Behind the Scenes". 

Remember that delicious, Tile Fish Sammie we had on special this summer? The picture above is of Chef Matt holding that bad boy, just minutes after arriving back from Barnegat Light. Next time we'll get a video of him preparing it! Just thinking of that sandwich makes us want summer '16 to be here!

Can you smell these fresh Jersey blueberries simmering? We sure can. Only the freshest for our crowd favorite, Jersey Blues ice cream. Be sure to stop by next year in July, to get this popular treat while it's in season. 

Remember when we said "Hand-Cut French Fries" on the menu? Well, we meant it. Here's Sammy cutting fresh potatoes daily. Mmmmm...seriously, hurry up summer!

We can't wait to keep this series going next summer. Don't miss us too much :)

Megan Kilroy