My New Year's Resolution

Going into 2014, Megan and I were living in Saratoga Springs, NY, engaged to be married.  Megan was working in publishing and I had taken a job in foodservice to prepare for opening our restaurant in the future.  At that point all we had was goals.  Now we have opportunities.

Now it is 2015 and we are married with a restaurant.  Here we are staring an opportunity in the face to do what we want with our lives, to have our days and nights spent the way we choose, to work the way that we want to work, and to build the job, the company, and the life that we want.  We have our restaurant, right now Megan is at Penn State studying ice cream sciences in preparation to open, and I have worked tirelessly to make the this business work as we constantly develop and adapt.  Here we are staring our opportunity in the face and the only question is whether we will make the most of it.

My resolution for 2015 is not to build a successful business called The WooHoo.  My resolution is to live my life as if I am The WooHoo: to embody it, to scream it from my lungs.

Happy 2015!